Flight Design GA returns to Aero 2022

Flight Design general aviation GmbH, the Eisenach Germany-based light plane manufacturer returns to Aero Friedrichshafen after the show’s 2-year hiatus with a list of impressive achievements since the last exposition in 2019. The development of the F2 series, including the EASA type-certified F2-CS23, the acceptance of the F2-LSA by the FAA in the United States, the creation and approval of the Flight Design EASA Production Organization and much more.

Despite the challenge of the conflict in Ukraine where the primary Flight Design production facility is located, there is progress for the future. “The good news at this time is that the factory in Kherson is intact, some work is continuing and most of our workers are either staying safe at home or have left the area temporarily.”, said Daniel Guenther, Flight Design CEO. “Also, a fund was set up by Flight Design to support the staff in Kherson which is being distributed successfully.”

Looking forward, Flight Design is moving rapidly to ramp up a production line in Sumperk, Czech Republic. Sumperk is the location of Flight Design CZ (Czech Republic) where design, prototype development, flight testing, creation of production tooling and the EASA approved production organization (POA) are located. All F2 aircraft and certified models of the CTLS have been completed at that facility since 2019.

Flight Design currently has over 80 orders and preorders for F2 aircraft and 25 CT series orders which makes the need to expand production that more urgent. With the support of LINDIG GmbH/LIFT Air, the work to increase our production capabilities in Sumperk has already begun. As of today, the first new deliveries of aircraft are planned for October 2022. Production is then planned to be continuously expanded. In addition to Sumperk, Flight Design is intensively evaluating other options. There are also considerations to further expand the location in Germany.

Flight Design continues as planned with the product development of the F series aircraft. The F2-CS23 N-VFR and IFR, F2e battery and hydrogen fuel cell, F4 and CT series. The Flight Design F2, which is a state-of-the-art all-carbon light plane that offers all commercially available safety features as defined in the Flight Design Vision Zero concept is the flagship model for the company.

There is significant demand for a new technology flight training aircraft in Europe, Asia and North America and the type-certified F2-CS23 for Day and Night along with the F2-CS23 IFR variant are aimed directly at those markets. Flight Design has already booked significant orders and preorders from commercial flight schools in Germany, USA, France and India.

Validation data for the existing F2-CS23 EASA type-certificate has been submitted to the regulators in the USA, China and India. The F2 has successfully shown to have significant appeal for recreational aviators as well with impressive F2-LSA sales success in the USA. Deliveries there began in 2021.