Flight Design F2-CS23, F2e Project HyFly and Environmental Action

On display at Aero 2022 are the F2-CS23 D/N model, a sample of the recently updated CTLSi 2020 GT 912iS fuel-injected variant with a full Garmin avionics suite and the prototype electric F2e with the debut of ‘Project HyFly’, an experimental hydrogen fuel cell concept. Flight Design has embraced the urgent need for reducing the environmental impact of flight since its acquisition by Sven Lindig and his company, LIFT Air in 2017.

The first step was creating the Flight Design ‘Pro Climate’ plan in 2020 by which all new Flight Design aircraft equipped with the 912iS engine, were carbon compensated up to the first TBO at 2000 hours of operation. This bold step by Flight Design put a real plan into operation, instead of waiting for future developments or governmental mandates.

The F2e on display was originally developed and successfully flight tested in 2019. The Project HYFly which is a technology development program co-initiated by Flight Design’s major shareholder LIFT Air and is being shown as a proof-of-concept of what can be done in the future to bring the new Green Hydrogen benefits to light plane uses. The Project HyFly is a joint venture of KasAero, PS-HyTech and Flight Design.

As the process of setting up increased production in Sumperk and completing the development of the IFR version of the F2 continues, Flight Design is also securing funding for the continued development of the F2e and the four-seat F4 versions of the F series concept. “There is considerable demand worldwide for modern, more environmentally compatible and fundamentally safer light aircraft”, said Flight Design’s head of development and visionary force behind Flight Design’s new models, Matthias Betsch. “We are continuing the development of the CS-23 certified F2e in pace with the availability of certified powerplants and energy systems”.

The Flight Design F4 is the 160hp Rotax 916iS powered four-seat version of the F series which has been in development since the start of the F series program. The F4 brings the stall and spin resistant passive safety of the F2, an updated occupant protective cabin of all Flight design models in conjunction with advanced safety features such as the standard ballistic parachute rescue system, AMSAFE airframe mounted airbags and the Garmin ESP envelope protection into a uniquely desirable, 4 seat form.

Flight Design general aviation is committed to pushing forward to attain these worthwhile goals despite the current challenges. We believe greatly in the principles of reducing the social and environmental impact of aviation. We plan to continue and support the production of Flight Design aircraft in Ukraine where we have worked for more than 30 years.