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Flight Design GA Aero Friedrichshafen 2022 News! Flight Design general aviation returns from Aero Friedrichshafen 2022 with exciting news. The Aero Exposition was very busy and very productive for Flight Design, proving again the value of face-to-face meetings and the greatly valued support of our owners. The Flight Design display included the recently Type Certified F2-CS23, a Fuel injected CTLSi 2020 GT with a full Garmin suite and the F2e in its most recent form, the F2e HyFly, more about that Read more

Flight Design GA returns to Aero 2022

Flight Design general aviation GmbH, the Eisenach Germany-based light plane manufacturer returns to Aero Friedrichshafen after the show’s 2-year hiatus with a list of impressive achievements since the last exposition in 2019. The development of the F2 series, including the EASA type-certified F2-CS23, the acceptance of the F2-LSA by the FAA in the United States, the creation and approval of the Flight Design EASA Production Organization and much more. Despite the challenge of the conflict in Ukraine where the primary Read more

Flight Design F2-CS23, F2e Project HyFly and Environmental Action

On display at Aero 2022 are the F2-CS23 D/N model, a sample of the recently updated CTLSi 2020 GT 912iS fuel-injected variant with a full Garmin avionics suite and the prototype electric F2e with the debut of ‘Project HyFly’, an experimental hydrogen fuel cell concept. Flight Design has embraced the urgent need for reducing the environmental impact of flight since its acquisition by Sven Lindig and his company, LIFT Air in 2017. The first step was creating the Flight Design Read more