FLIGHT DESIGN, our dealers and customers are excited that the new F2-LSA is now in production and the first deliveries are going to happen very soon.  We were very surprised to see the F2 gracing the covers of both Flying Magazine and AOPA for the month of January 2021, what a great way to start the New Year!

“It is an honor to be recognized in this manner said Daniel Guenther, Managing Director of FLIGHT DESIGN general aviation. Our company, our team and our dealers should all be very proud of this. It shows that we are on the right track with the concept of the F2, incorporating many safety features in a package that fits today’s pilots”, said Daniel.

During an August demo tour of the Eastern USA in the F2 LSA by Tom Peghiny of FLIGHT DESIGN USA, a visit to the AOPA headquarters in Frederick Maryland was the first stop.  Tom Horne, longtime AOPA staff writer flew left seat for the Flight test and photo session. There was great weather that day and the skill of the AOPA staff photographer Chris Rose and steady photo ship flying by David Hirshmann helped make the images just beautiful.

The second January cover story was made possible by the cooperation of Airtime Aviation and Flying Magazine’s editor Julie Boatman Filucci.  Despite the difficulty in travelling this year, Julie made the trip to Airtime Aviation’s Riverside Airport facility in Tulsa Oklahoma for the story.

“We were very happy to host Julie at our hangar said Tom Gutmann Jr. She liked the F2 LSA right away and was very impressed with the post-stall control authority, the roomy cockpit and the advanced safety features, said Tom. We had a ball doing the air-to-air part of the day and the magazine article came out just great.”

This pair of articles follow up on very positive coverage earlier in the year by both Larry Anglisano of Aviation Consumer Magazine and Dan Johnson of bydanjohnson.com.