FLIGHT DESIGN general aviation is excited to announce that as of December 19th the CTLS series is available as a full EASA certified aircraft. The EASA certification is recognized in most countries allowing the popular CTLS(i) to be used for flight training for a pilot’s license in many new countries.

  “This is a great news and is a testament to the great work done by our certification engineering team” Said Christian Majunke, FLIGHT DESIGN Head of Airworthiness and manager of the project. We completed an administrative review and upgraded the CTLS data package submitted to EASA for an earlier Restricted Type Certificate (R-TC) which was originally awarded back in 2010. The aircraft is now certified in the standard airworthiness category.

  The certification of the aircraft was recently amended to include many upgrades, among which are the modern Dynon SkyView HDX and the Dynon autopilot. The aircraft is now available with the ROTAX 912 iSc Sport engine, which required new a new noise certification test as well. During the process, acceptance flights were performed by EASA staff near EASA headquarters in Cologne, Germany.

  “We are very pleased to see the acceptance of the CTLS and CTLSi as EASA CS-LSA certified products” said Sven Lindig, it shows the value of the CTLS design and the great work being done by our different businesses within FLIGHT DESIGN general aviation, said Sven. This award was a result of work done by the FLIGHT DESIGN team here in Eisenach, FLIGHT DESIGN Ukraine and the EASA and Czech CAA approved Production Organization, FLIGHT DESIGN CZ, located in Sumperk, Czech Republic.”

  For more information on the EASA CS-LSA certified CTLS and CTLSi please contact your nearest FLIGHT DESIGN Dealer or customer.care@flightdesign.com , or drop us a line on our Facebook page.