In the competition for the XXIII Innovation Award Thuringia 2020, our application was selected and nominated among the top three in its category, “Tradition & Future”. We are very pleased with this award and would like to thank all Flight Design team members involved.

This honor is a very good incentive for us to continue to innovate, bringing a fresh breeze into the aviation industry and to enrich the market with great new ideas like the F2e airplane.

Until now, aircraft have been developed and certified as individual models. Due to the costs involved, it was not possible to consider safety systems which are now state of the art in other industries. Alternative engines were also not integrated into the development process from the very beginning.

Flight Design has developed the MACCS system, a modular aircraft construction, and certification system. This system combines all important areas in a modular way.

This means we have a modular construction kit principle between the individual models, which includes a two-seater, four-seater, and six-seater. We have safety concepts that we implement to the same extent in all models. The alternative engines are also modular so that they are interchangeable for each individual model in the aircraft family.

All new customers who have flown the aircraft so far are delighted. Their feedback is very good. With the new model family, we aim to achieve a market share of 15%.