Flight Design general aviation and Aero-Nor AS (Norway) are pleased to announce that Pilot Flight Academy of Sandefjord, Norway has chosen the F2e as the backbone for their new concept of an all-electric based Flight school. The future is here and Flight Design is proud to be in the vanguard of the development of the next generation of single-engine aircraft for commercial use in flight schools. The F2e is made in cooperation with Siemens eAircraft and will open new possibilities for the practical use of electric aircraft. The conventionally powered F2 and soon the four-seat F4 will also be delivered with modern, efficient engines for low-cost operation. This will give customers the advantage that they can buy airplanes with the same platform, for different purposes. Perfect for users which want to reduce the noise level when doing local training, but still need the possibility to have the same type of airplane for traveling and longer flights.