Flight Design general aviation took a major step forward when it was awarded the CTLS‐ELA Major Change by EASA for the addition of the fuel-injected Rotax 912iS! The EASA Certified CTLSi, a totally modern aircraft with an advanced Dynon three‐screen HDX avionics suite, autopilot with the level button is now available for immediate delivery at a surprisingly affordable price. The first two aircraft will be delivered immediately from the Flight Design facility at Eisenach‐EDGE airport.“This update was very demanding technically as it encompassed several significant updates to the aircraft said Daniel Guenther, including the Dynon HDX screens, new noise tests, and any associated systems.” “Our team was working very hard to complete this as demand for the 912iS fuel injected model is strong,” said Daniel.“I am very pleased to see this new option for private owners, flight schools, and flying clubs,” said Christophe Briand, Owner of Flight Design France and Flight Design West, The Regional Center for Western Europe. “We see many new applications where a customer would want to use an established and dependable aircraft with a well‐known company behind it” “In France, the CTLS is very popular for training, our highest time aero club has accumulated more than 5000 hours of flight training on the CTLS. The CTLS‐ELA has demonstrated its robust structure, suitability for training, and cost-efficiency of less than 50€ per hour operating cost for training in aeroclubs and with professional flying schools. We even have long term lease options to offer”, said Christophe. Pricing for the CTLS‐ELA starts at 141,900.00 € including a Dynon Digital cockpit, Mode S Transponder, Radio & Intercom, Airframe Parachute, and Comfort Package Light.