FLIGHT DESIGN general aviation has had very strong first-quarter sales in 2021. FLIGHT DESIGN has invested in improvements to the FLIGHT DESIGN aircraft since 2018 and as a result, new CT-Super, CTLS/CTLSi the certified CTLS and the new F2 have been selling very well.

  “It first began when FLIGHT DESIGN was bought by Sven Lindig, the major shareholder of LIFT said FLIGHT DESIGN Managing Director Daniel Guenther, we invested first in the production facility and replaced or repaired the majority of tooling and the equipment that would directly improve quality or production efficiency.  Then we began to look at incremental improvements to the different products, reducing the empty weights, improved paint and finish, getting approval for 600kg gross weight for the Ultralight CTLS series, a major equipment update and change to the EASA certified CTLS and CTLSi and so on,” said Daniel.

flight design ctls For 2020, the CTLSi Grand Touring models (UL and LSA) went through a major product improvement with numerous changes including a more attractive and efficient cowling, improved cabin heating, new spinner, new wheel fairings and last but not least, a change to an all Garmin G3X avionics suite. The result of all these efforts has been a very strong reception by our customers and dealers worldwide.

  The CT-Super Sport has been selling very well due to its strong value and performance. It’s hard to find a competitor that has the Super’s low empty weight, high cruising speed and choice of advanced avionics at such an attractive price.

  With the introduction of the highly anticipated F2 in the Light Sport Aircraft form and as EASA CS-23 certified version, the order book for the F2 has been filling up quickly with over 60 now on order in Europe and the USA. “The response to the F2-LSA In the U.S. has been very exciting said FLIGHT DESIGN USA President Tom Peghiny, we have 19 F2-LSA currently on order and many of the customers have already owned FLIGHT DESIGN aircraft in the past. The changes and improvements are going to please our customers when they see the production models. The F2-LSA has benefited from the advanced testing done to the F2 in certified form and make this a much more mature product. The combination of the utility of the giant cabin, the very advanced safety features and the performance of the F2 are going to surprise folks. I personally think this is the start of something big.“

  As a result of the strong sales during the first quarter, FLIGHT DESIGN is hiring new production staff and also producing additional tooling for the F2-LSA. With the anticipated certification of the F2 certified later this year, the future is certainly looking bright for FLIGHT DESIGN general aviation.