FLIGHT DESIGN is pleased to announce the availability of the 914T option for the CTLS GT 2020. The CTLS GT with the Turbocharged Rotax 914 and large intercooler system greatly improves the climb rate, cruise speed and high-altitude performance on FLIGHT DESIGN’s most popular model.

flight design ctls “We are very excited to finish development of this new variant of the CTLS GT said Daniel Guenther, managing director of FLIGHT DESIGN general aviation. The design team did a beautiful job integrating the Rotax 914 with the turbocharger and intercooler into the new longer cowling of the CTLS GT 2020. From the large NACA inlet and the custom welded aluminum piping, the engine compartment is just a thing of beauty,” said Daniel.

The CTLS GT Turbo incorporates all the new features of the GT 2020 model including the longer more attractive cowling with improved cooling and cabin heating, new spinner and the new low drag wheel pants for improved performance. Equipped with a full Garmin avionics suite including dual G3X screens, the CTLS GT is a thoroughly modern aircraft that can reach 140kts and climbs at over 2000ft/min!

  rotax engine “I am very impressed with the performance of the CTLS GT with the Rotax 914 Turbo said FLIGHT DESIGN test pilot, Nico Stambula. The CTLS GT Turbo climbs like a rocket and very easily reaches 140kts at altitude. The engine cools well and it is a very smooth flying package. This first plane is going to an owner in South Africa where they have both hot and high-altitude conditions. This plane should be just great for operating there”.

flight design ctls gt With the addition of the Rotax 914T option, the CTLS extends its range again. Available as a European 600kg Ultralight, an ASTM compliant SLSA, an EASA certified aircraft, available with the Rotax 912, the 912iS and now as a turbocharged performer as the CTLS GT 914T.