Today the first production Flight Design F2-LSA to reach the USA was inspected by an FAA representative and issued a certificate of airworthiness as a Special Light Sport Aircraft. The aircraft is going to a gentleman from the Milwaukee area and will be delivered this month at Airventure-Oshkosh 2021.

“We are very happy to take part in this review which we’ve been waiting for, for nearly two years”, said Tom Gutmann Jr. of Airtime Aviation. “We are excited to receive the first F2-LSA in the USA and we are very impressed by the improvements made by Flight Design”.airplane cockpit

The F2-LSA is a next generation Light Sport Aircraft which was designed with the upcoming expanded privileges of the FAA’s MOSAIC program in mind. The many performance and safety features take the F2 to the next level in the light aircraft market. The F2 is a high-end edition to the existing line of Flight Design aircraft and complements the popular CTLS and CT-Super Sport models also sold in the USA. flight design f2 lsa

“This is an important day for our company, our customers and our dealers” said Tom Peghiny, President of Flight Design USA. The F Series is a big step up for Flight Design and this just the first of many F2 series airplanes that will come to the USA”.

airplane interior The Flight Design F series of aircraft include the F2-LSA, the F2-UL which is a German Ultralight, the F2 CS-23 is a certified version which is currently being reviewed by EASA in Europe and soon, the F4 which is the four-place version of F-series.

The First Article Inspection by the FAA is a review of the documentation provided by a manufacturer to show compliance to the applicable FARs and the ASTM standards used for a particular Light-Sport model.

FMI: www.flyct.com