The CTLS 2020 is a balanced combination of the well-proven CTLS with technical and aerodynamic upgrades along with a new exterior and interior look for the new decade! Looking at 2020 from the outside, you will immediately see the difference, especially with the elegant new ‘JET GREY’ base paint. The changes for 2020 include a reshaped and longer cowling, Blackline propeller with a new spinner, fully integrated landing light, and an additional NACA inlet to improve cooling. Other aerodynamic improvements include new landing gear legs with internal brake lines and new low drag wheel fairings. This all leads to significantly reduced drag and an increase in maximum speed. The new Garmin G3X avionic suite with a more powerful Garmin radio and transponder gives perfect situational awareness, combined this with the Garmin GMC 507 autopilot with its advanced pilot assistant function adds additional safety to daily flight operations. A Garmin GMA 245 audio panel with the USB charging port, Bluetooth connection, and Garmin’s ‘home theater’ top-end quality sound makes flying with the new “Royal Black” interior more comfortable.