July 30th,  Oshkosh 2023.

Flight Design, the European manufacturer of the F2 and CT series of aircraft reports that despite a challenging start of the year, they will ship the first new production F2-LSA models to the U.S. at the end of August 2023.

oshkosh 2023After a truly heroic effort to retrieve the equipment, airframes and inventory from their Ukraine production facility, full production at their facility in Sumperk, Czech Republic has started again.

“It was a great day when we received the majority of parts, airplanes and priceless tooling in Sumperk” said Daniel Guenther, CEO of Flight Design general aviation. “We are now taking orders for new aircraft and we will be sending the first container with F2’s to the USA very soon”.

Flight Design had made progress with the move to manufacturing airframes in Sumperk in the Czech Republic, building new molds and training new staff, but the receipt of the inventory and tooling will now put production into high gear. Flight Design has had a facility in Sumperk since 2018 and the expansion there has gone well.

Airtime Aviation and Flight Design general aviation had a successful week at Airventure 2023 which displayed a beautiful F2-LSA flown up from their home base in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “I just returned from visiting the expanded facility in Sumperk and the Flight Design headquarters in Eisenach, Germany last week. We are glad to have good news for our customers and supporters, said Tom Gutmann owner of Airtime Aviation. The F2 is such a modern and desirable aircraft we are all super happy to be delivering planes again.

Flight Design expects to announce news of the resumption of CT series production soon and Airtime Aviation has recently received a major delivery of spare parts for those aircraft.

Flight Design general aviation currently has over 100 orders for aircraft worldwide and expects to deliver new aircraft at a rate of 3 a month by the end of 2023.

There is strong interest from flight schools in the F2-CS23, an EASA type-certified version. Validation of the EASA CS-23 certificate has recently progressed with the FAA. FMI. flightdesign.com or www.flyct.com