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Update of the MTOM for ultralight aircraft to a MTOM of 600kg

Due to the strong interest as well as the increasing clarity by the authorities we can give you the following, further information:

  1. Customers, with already installed BRS 1050, can upgrade to 593kg, with reduction to VNE 255km/h . The costs are available for interested customers in week 7/19.
  2. As of February, the rescue equipment suitable for 600kg (Magnum 601, BRS 1350) can be installed in Eisenach (KINDEL, EDGE). This is especially interesting for customers where the rescue systems have expired and now have to be replaced.
  3. The building regulation published on 15.01.19 still has to be incorporated into an ordinance. This is concrete:
    1. Second Implementing Ordinance to the Ordinance on the Testing of Aviation Equipment
    2. Notice of the noise regulation for aircraft (the measurement method still has to be adapted here)

Both are not in the hands of DAeC or DULV. However, we expect these additions to continue in the near future, so that the conversions can presumably be carried out from August 2019.

  1. New orders since December 2018 are already being built and delivered with the 600kg RG. Flight Design guarantees a trouble-free description, so that there are no obstacles for customers who would like to order the new CT series today.

Further information as well as the contact details for ordering the rescue equipment & for making an appointment can be found here: