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Safety Alerts

SA-ASTM-CT_-01-en – Engine Mount Bolts

Service Bulletins

SB-ASTM-CT_-01-en – Landing Gear Inspection

SB-ASTM-CT_-02-en – Inspection of Neuform 3-Bladed Variable Pitch Propeller Installation

SB-ASTM-CT__-03 – Garmin SL30 and SL40 Comm Radio Spurious Emissions Correction

Service Notifications

SN-ASTM-CT_-01-en – Rohacell ® foam core

SN-ASTM-CT_-02-en – Engine coolant

SN-ASTM-CT_-03-en – Coolant hose chafing

SN-ASTM-CT_-04-en – Upper rudder hinge

SN-ASTM-CT_-05-en – Aileron Bracket

SN-ASTM-CT_-06-en – Information on Usage of Ethanol


Safety Alerts

SA-LTUL-CT_-01-en – Securing of control system bolts

SA-LTUL-CT_-02-en – Engine Mount Bolts

SA-LTUL-CT__-03 – Checking of the Crankshaft Journal for ROTAX Engine Type 912 and 914. Applicable till D-11-07-08, F-11-07-06 and E-11-06-01

SA-LTUL-CT__-04 – Inspection for applicability of Rotax ASB-912-061 / ASB-912-061UL. Applicable till F-12-02-10 and E-12-02-08

SA-LTUL-CT__-05 – Inspection for applicability of Rotax ASB-912-062UL R1 / ASB-914-044UL R1, ASB-912-062R1 / ASB-914-044R1. (applicable till x-12-05-02)

Service Bulletins

SB-LTUL-CT_-01-en – Landing Gear Inspection

SB-LTUL-CT_-02-en – Inspection of Neuform 3-Bladed Variable Pitch Propeller Installation

SB-LTUL-CT__-03 – Fuel Filter Exchange

SB-LTUL-CT__-04 – Garmin SL30 and SL40 Comm Radio Spurious Emissions Correction

Service Notifications

SN-LTUL-CT_-01-en – Rohacell® foam core

SN-LTUL-CT_-02-en – Engine coolant

SN-LTUL-CT_-03-en – Coolant hose chafing

SN-LTUL-CT_-04-en – Upper rudder hinge

SN-LTUL-CT_-06-en – Recovery System Shoot Out Opening Check

SN-LTUL-CT_-07-en – Detection of Damages from Hard Landings

SN-LTUL-CT_-08-en – Aileron Bracket

SN-LTUL-CT_-09-en – Information on Usage of Ethanol Blended Fuel

SN-LTUL-CT__-10 – Spare Parts Availability


Safety Alerts

SA-SECS-CT_-01-en – Securing of control system bolts

SA-SECS-CT_-02-en – Engine Mount Bolts

Service Bulletins

SB-SECS-CT_-01-en – Landing Gear Inspection

SB-SECS-CT__-02 – Fuel Filter Exchange

SB-SECS-CT__-03 – Garmin SL30 and SL40 Comm Radio Spurious Emissions Correction

Service Notifications

SN-SECS-CT_-01-en – Rohacell ® foam core

SN-SECS-CT_-02-en – Engine coolant