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Oshkosh to Woodstock or “How I learned to love the Skyview”

EAA Airventure Oshkosh is a great annual event. Airplane enthusiasts wait all year to go back and visit their ‘Oshkosh friends’ eat too many brats and do a deep-dive into to incredible amount of aviation packed into that airport for the week. I have been going to Oshkosh professionally since 1980 (gulp, 38 years) and though I too love it, I have a different relationship with the show. Anyone who has done a ‘trade show’ knows what I’m talking about. Part of this joy is the weeks of preparation for the show, driving the trailer, building the booth, press conferences, dealer meetings, supplier meetings, talking nonstop, then breaking down and ugh, then driving the trailer home. Imagine how wonderful it is to be able to fly off over the horizon on the last night of the show and leave all of that behind? Fantastic!

Here we are (CTLSi GT N906LS and one happy fella) Sunday evening after we sneaked to the very front of the line the second we were allowed to line up. The C5 in front was stuck in place due to the proximity of a nearby Jumbo-Tron TV screen which they almost hit while being backed out with a tug!
CTLSi GT N906LS is equipped with the latest panel offered by Flight Design general aviation, the Dynon SkyView integrated avionics system.  It features three Dynon HDX (2 x 10” and 1 x 7”) screens, a Dynon Com radio, Dynon Intercom, Dynon remote ‘Class One’ transponder (for ADS-B out) and Dynon SV ADS-B 472 (for ADS-B in).

The concept and installation were created FD distributor and consultant John Hurst of Lake Placid Florida, which he had tested on his demo CTLSi for more than a year while he worked with Dynon developing the software to support the 3rd screen. The left screen is the PFD (Primary Flight Display), the Center screen is primarily used as an EMS (Engine Management System) but we call it a MFD (Multi-Function Display) but that could be said about all three screens (more later) and finally, the right hand screen is primarily for a large area raster image map.

I had always used the center located Garmin 796 on other CTLS as my ‘go-to’ for navigation and XM weather as it was easier than using the older, less user-friendly versions Dynon navigation system. Well, the functionality and ease-of-use has greatly improved with every free software upgrade (note the word free) offered by Dynon and now it is just great. With the all Dynon system it is electrically very quiet and intuitive in its function. You can use the screens to bring up a transponder touch pad, an autopilot touch pad and many easy-to-use features.
Departing KOSH as part of the stream leaving the show I immediately came upon the first thunderstorm near Milwaukee Wisconsin. The image is of Lake Michigan depicting the line of flight across the lake.