Since 2017 the Flight Design general aviation GmbH headquarter is located at the airfield Eisenach / Kindel (EDGE). From there, every aircraft we build is finally shipped to our costumers after passing a lot of extensive quality tests. But also we offer our costumers a maintenance shop, where we provide the best service for you! We are able to perform repairs, do warranty service and support the entire line of new and used aircraft.

Main features:

  • OEM maintenance of all types of Flight Design aircrafts
  • Including ROTAX service point
  • Composite repair
  • Paint repair
  • Big spare parts stock

Once the the official requirements for the conversion from 472.5kg to 600kg are out, the Flight Design conversion program for your airplane will be offered with the lowest effort and reasonable costs possible for you! The new building code was adopted by the plenary session of the EP on 12.06.18. As expected, there were no further changes. The next step is for the transport ministers of the EU Member States to approve the text. Publication in the Official Journal will (hopefully) take place this summer.

If you are already a registered owner of one of our aircrafts, you will get automatically informed as soon as possible. If you want to register for a conversion or order spare parts, please contact us at

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