Flight Design C4 - Four Seat Aircraft Questionnaire

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Please rank in order of Importance to YOU from 1-23 (1 = Highest Importance; 23 = Least Importance)
Please circle your target value. Use each rank number only once and complete each item
1* Purchase Price €1.00=US$1.00 (€/$)
2* Synthetic Vision

3* Autopilot
4* Seat belts with airbag
5* Full-aircraft Rescue System
6* Night VFR Operation
7* IFR in Non IMC
8* IFR in IMC
9* Fuel Type

10* Payload (Fuel/Passengers/Luggage), kg / lbs
11* Fuel Capacity, ltr / gal
12* Fuel Burn (ltr/hr)(gal/hr) at cruise speed
13* Cruise Speed kts
14* Climb Performance ft/min
15* Stall Speed kts
16* Short Takeoff (to clear 15m/50 ft obstacle) m/ft
17* Maximum Crosswind at takeoff/landing - kts
18* Range NM
19* Cockpit/Cabin Doors (not baggage door)
20* Low Cabin Noise Level
21* Cabin Climate Control
22* Interior Styling/Comfort
23* Flight Control
Additional Information
Would buy only Analog Panel
Typical Luggage Required kg / Lbs
Typical Cabin Usage (total persons)