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Now is the time to modernize the flight schools. The current Corona pandemic and the resulting economic disruption have impacted air traffic and recreational flying worldwide. As a result, it is a real challenge for flight schools large and small. On the other hand, great challenges often bring positive changes. The need to improve the social impact of aviation, operate in a more ecologically and financially sound manner has never been stronger.

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The Flight Design Pro-Climate program compensates the CO2 emissions for all new Flight Design aircraft through a certified carbon offset from the first engine start until the overhaul of the engine at 2000 hours.

The F2 or CTLSi 2020 with carbon-flight design f2offset compensation allows a flight school to operate in a documented, carbon-neutral manner, and soon, we will offer the Flight Design F2e with electric propulsion.

Flight Design offers completely modern aircraft with the low maintenance and operational costs of the Rotax ™ 912iS powerplant, together with being operationally 100% Carbon neutral today!

The future of all-electric flight is promising, but for the immediate future, battery capacity will still be limited to a maximum of 2-3 hours of flying time.neuform propeller

Therefore, a conventionally powered, fuel-efficient F2 with a flight time of more than 8 hours can meet all training needs for the next few years. By the end of 2021, the F2 fleet will be joined by the all-electric F2e for quiet, environmentally clean training, with more operational hours and lower cost.

The Pro-Climate hybrid solution, electric propulsion, and low fuel consumption with carbon compensation for climate-friendly and profitable flight training. Become a 100% carbon neutral Flight School with Flight Design!

As the pandemic fades and industry starts to work again, airlines and private customers are re-thinking their programs and have started flying again. Many countries now have huge financial programs to help and develop their own industries, flight schools that used the time to modernize will have a huge advantage going forward.

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Airlines will come under increased environmental pressure not only from the country where they are located but from all the countries where they fly. For the private student, a school with new and modern airplanes, lower operating costs and environment friendly will be more attractive.

Practical electric flight training is coming, but for the next 5 years limited to 3 hours maximum flight duration. Therefore, Flight school needs a hybrid solution. The new Flight Design F2 with Rotax 912iS
the engine uses less than 4 gallons per hour in a typical Flight School environment.

The use of the F2 will reduce the annual fuel consumption in flight school use with 10 airplanes by round 28,000 gallons (106.000 L) and the flight school can be certified as 100% carbon neutral in operation.

No of airplanes Type Gal./L Hour Hour year Total fuel consumption per year Gal./L Total fuel consumption per year Gal./L
10 F2 4/15 700 2.800 / 10.600 28.000 / 106.000
0 F2e 0/0 700
10 C172 or PA 28 8/30 700 5.600 / 21.200 56.000 / 212.000

Soon, with the all-electric F2e, the total fleet consumption could again be reduced by up 70%. This means
from the original 100% to less than 50% with the F2 and to finally less than 15% with a hybrid fleet of the
F2 and F2e.

No of airplanes Type Gal./L Hour Hour year Total fuel consumption per year Gal./L Total fuel consumption per year Gal./L
3 F2 4/15 700 2.800 / 10.600 8.400 / 38.000
7 F2e 0/0 700
10 C172 or PA 28 8/30 700 5.600 / 21.200 56.000 / 212.000

In addition to the low maintenance cost, the proven and incomparable reliability of the 912iS Sport.
Consider the even lower maintenance costs with the all-electric F2e, the fuel-saving is a significant cost
reduction. With the positive climate impact and very high marketing potential because the Flight School
will have a 100% Carbon neutral operation.

Flight Design is ready to learn about your business and create a tailored program, exactly fitting to your
needs. This will also include service and rental program options to increase your yearly hours of operation
to a maximum.

Please feel free to contact your dealer, your regional center or Flight Design general aviation in Germany

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