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New ‘Specification Configurator’ added to

Flight Design general aviation is pleased to announce new changes to the website. This includes a new and easy-to-use aircraft Specification Configurator that has just been added to the site.

“Ordering a custom aircraft can be complicated”, said Flight Design CEO Lars Joerges, “We wanted the Configurator to be easy for the customers to see all the available options and make informed decisions for their aircraft”.

The new Configurator has photos of the available options and descriptions as well as the complete specification sheets for all of the avionics, each of the airframe choices and the 4 engines available.

For more information, please check the Configurator.

The second feature called ‘Stories’ has been added to the website which will feature customer submitted stories about recent or memorable flights with their Flight Design aircraft. The latest story posted is about a Father and Daughter adventure flight across the USA this Summer.

Read the stories right here.

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