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No Back Log for Flight Design Spare Parts orders


Flight Design general aviation has reached its first goal. As of last week, all open spare parts orders have been closed and more than 130 different items are now available in stock from the Eisenach headquarters.

                                         No Back Log for  the spare parts  orders

“To serve the existing customers to their satisfaction is our primary goal,” says Lars Joerges the new Flight Design CEO, “together with our team in Ukraine we met that goal after 3 months of being active in the business”.

Daniel Guenther, COO of Flight Design added, “Customer friendly service and standard services for fixed prices will complete this new program for CT owners.”

Gica Pascariu, head of sales and marketing is very pleased with this program as it will attract new customers and will be the base to bring Flight Design back to the number one position in the world market.

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