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Vision Zero – Flight Design’s Safety Mission

The safety of the occupants of our aircraft has always been a number one priority for Flight Design. In 1994, Flight Design, inspired by the car industry, implemented a safety cell concept into the then new CT series design. At the same time, the inclusion of a ballistically deployed parachute rescue system which was not required for certification, helped to improve safety. Since 2004, all CT’s have been delivered with a parachute rescue systems as standard equipment.

Always pushing forward with new avionics, we made the use of EFIS, autopilots and airbags easy for owners by making them standard factory options. Now the ‘level button’ which is used to automatically recover the aircraft back to level flight from unusual attitudes is the next step to safer flying. In 2016 an automotive-type crash test of a full scale C4 prototype was performed as part of the European Union funded program “Safety Cell”. Lessons learned from that test will be applied to all future Flight Design products.

The new worldwide certification rules, particularly with the easier implementation of advanced safety systems and the experience we have made in the field with 1900 airplanes flying, have brought the Flight Design management to consider the goal of the next level of safety for the future.

Vision Zero

 It is our future vision that ‘zero’ occupants should face injuries during a very serious crash. This can be achieved by a combination of passive and active safety systems. A spin resistant airplane, with a car like fuel system, airbags as a standard, better passenger restraints, pilot assistance systems and as backup to those systems, a new generation of parachute rescue systems must be developed and integrated to work together. The development and certification will take time, but we are sure that important components could be retrofitted into our existing airplanes and none of the components will have a significant influence on the performance or comfort of the airplane. No later than 2025, a huge step forward for ‘Vision Zero’ should be accomplished. It is a challenge, where Flight Design will take the lead and all our customers will have the priceless advantages for them, their friends and their families.

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