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Flight Design General Aviation Appoints New Distributor for Germany and Poland

October 15, 2017, Eisenach Germany


Flight Design general aviation GmbH today announced that Zeta-Aviation GmbH is the new exclusive distributor for the Flight Design brand of light aircraft for Germany and Poland. Located at the airfield of Pritzwalk-Sommersberg near Berlin, Zeta-Aviation will work closely with the Flight Design Regional Center-Eisenach to manage sales and service for those areas. Zeta-Aviation is owned by the well-known pilots and aviation professionals Jan Zesewitz and Volker Krane.

“Our distribution plan going forward is to have fewer, but more experienced and engaged partners,” says Lars Joerges CEO of Flight Design. “Flight Design is looking forward to working with Zeta-Aviation to bring in their experience and fresh ideas on how to provide better service for our existing customers and bring new awareness of the Flight Design brand of light aircraft,” said Lars.

“We are very happy to come to an agreement with Zeta-Aviation for the exclusive distribution rights for Germany and Poland,” said Gica Pascariu, Flight Design Sales Manager for the Central Region of Europe. “Jan and Volker bring a great amount of enthusiasm to their business and we are happy to have them as a part of the Flight Design group”.
In addition to his enthusiasm for flying, Jan Zesewitz has many years of experience in aircraft sales and support. After his studies in aerospace technology, he worked in the sales department of Airbus in Toulouse and Paris and is also very successful in the sales and service of Business Aviation Airplanes. In addition, he has a great experience as an ultralight and gliding instructor. Jan is a founder of the successful company Innov’air of Toulouse, France which is the Flight Design Regional Center for Western and Southern Europe and specializes in the sales, maintenance, and training for light aircraft. Through his experience, Jan has been able to provide advice to many aviation companies and is an active partner in several other aviation companies. “In 1997 I saw the first CT in France and I was very impressed, later I was very happy that Innovair became the exclusive partner for France and this year I flew more than 100 hours in my own CT and looking forward to January I will get my new CT Super Club,” said Jan.

Volker Krane, found his passion for flying quite early in life and completed his first flight in a glider at the age of 16. He has remained passionate about aviation and currently holds ratings for PPL, SPL, and an Ultralight license. As an attorney for more than 20 years, Volker is a consultant and specialist in commercial and corporate law. Volker is also professionally connected with many people and companies in the field of aviation.

Flight Design General Aviation GmbH. is a German-owned manufacturer of technologically advanced light aircraft located near Eisenach at the Kindel Airport (EDGE).

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