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“Flight Design FlyIn” in France – from Beaune to the Alps

France, Sep 20. A group of CT owners from various regions of France attended “Flight Design FlyIn”  at Beaune Airfield hosted by FLIGHT DESIGN FRANCE NORD –  Marc Benoit on Friday, September 20th, to benefit from the last summer day.

After a nice dinner organized by Beaune Aeroclub and a short sleep at Beaune, on Saturday morning, a patrol of 5 CTs took off from Beaune heading to the Alps. They flew over Switzerland at FL100 using their transit Corridor under Flight Plan above Liner and Geneva Airport.flying ct

Then appears its Majesty, the Mont Blanc, and they flew closer into the chain of the Mountain climbing easily at FL120, thanks to the high performance of CT. Since a south wind prevented them to go closer, they were keeping a safety margin with the colossal mountain and were circling in front of the glacier and the valley, and the famous mountain like “Dent du Géant, Aiguille du midi, Mer de Glace”. private plan flight

Then, after nearly two hours, they landed at Alberville airfield for a nice lunch at the Piper Restaurant. Due to a bad Sunday weather forecast, it was decided to go back home earlier with a lot of unforgettable pictures.


Text and pictures: Christophe Briand