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Flight Design airplanes – flying the U.S. Desert Southwest in October 2017

Getting ready to depart Bryce Canyon Airport. The density altitude this afternoon is 9,300’.


flight_design_ct_usaFlying the U.S. Desert Southwest in October with a group of fellow CT pilots is as good as it gets. Each October for the last ten years there has been a group of about thirty CTs that converges in Page Arizona for a few days of stunning scenery, good food, and embellished pilot stories. This year the Page Fly-In had Flight Design planes from Tennessee, California, Colorado, Washington, Michigan, Arizona, New Mexico, and even Australia. (The Aussie flew commercial from Melbourne just to be among his fellow CT pilots.)

Page airport, KPGA, sits at the hub of some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. The fly-in typically lasts three or four days. We base ourselves in a hotel near the airport. Then each day we fly out to destinations (north, south, east, and west) typically about a hundred miles away. Or destinations for our day trips include The Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon National Park, Monument Valley, Grand Staircase / Escalante, and Bullfrog Basin. Often our flights begin with a low flight over Lake Powell. Our day trips almost always include a breakfast or lunch and a good chat with fellow CT pilots.

Page is ground-zero for the most spectacular flying and aerial scenery in North America. I know first-hand, because I have put a thousand hours on my CT – flying it across Canada and the U.S. Page Airport is the hub, and our one-hundred-mile day flights are the spokes. Nothing beats this set-up. But the best part is my fellow CT pilots who are the heart and soul of the annual Page fly-in.

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By Darryl Swenson

Friday Harbor WA