CT Super Series

The Ultralight

The Flight Design Ultralight Series has defined performance, safety and comfort in the Ultralight classes from the very beginning. The current Super Series as a derivate of the well known and successful CT Series is also the one of the most popular ultralight aircraft in the world due to it’s innovative design, advanced safety features and state-of-the-art avionics.

The Super Series was designed specifically for the Ultralight category and offers many features as standard equipment that are optional on other aircraft. The flexibility and durability of the basic airframe design is evident from that fact that it can be flown as an FAA / ASTM SLSA, with a EASA Restricted Type Certified aircraft or as a 600 Kg Ultralight! Flight Design has continuously improved the CT-Series since its introduction in 1997 and it has flown around the world 3 times.

Flight Design used industry specialists and advanced design tools including full–scale wind tunnel testing in the Mercedes Benz wind tunnel to further refine the aerodynamic design. Computer based flight test systems were used to develop and test the flight dynamics in a first for the Ultralight industry.

Flight Design is committed to remain the leader in the Ultralight industry by employing progressive design concepts and modern safety features. The CT Super Series are aircrafts capable of flying non–stop from London to Frankfurt or Munich to Rome…flights of 1,800 km (1,000 miles). The large comfortable cabin and excellent visibility makes all your flights more enjoyable and a better environment for learning how to fly.

  • A real Ultralight aircraft, great for club ownership and training;
  • Lightly-equipped, empty weight of only 279.5 kg
  • 80–hp Rotax 912, 2000 hrs. TBO
  • 100–hp Rotax 912S, 2000 hrs. TBO
  • 100–hp Rotax 912iS with digital fuel injection and 2000 hrs. TBO
  • 115–hp Rotax 914T with turbocharger, boost control unit and 2000 hrs. TBO
  • Many advanced avionics choices and equipment packages available
  • Approved for Glider and banner towing
  • 472.5 kg class, with LTF and DGA ultralight certification and complies with many other national airworthiness requirements
  • Designed and tested to 600 kg MTOW, certified weight 472.5 kg
  • Airframe emergency parachute standard equipment
  • Single beam composite landing gear with improved damping characteristics

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CT Super Series Pricelist 2018

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Technical Information

Maximum Flight Load Factors

With 472,5 kg (1042 Lbs.) take-off weight  +4g / -2g
With 600 kg (1320 Lbs.) take-off weight  +4g / -2g


Max. length 6214 mm 20′ 5″
Max. height 2165 mm