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BCAR Section S Audit and CT Super Sport with 285kg empty weight delivered

The Flight Design general aviation production facility in Kherson Ukraine successfully passed an audit to the requirements of BCAR-S by Dr. Bill Brooks and Mr. Gary Masters of Airmasters ltd., the Flight Design dealer in the United Kingdom.

Following the inspection, both Bill and Gary came away impressed by the improvements made in the processes and production quality since the company was acquired by Liftair in 2017. The audit was focused on key points in the engineering, production processes, change management, quality control management and the continued airworthiness system.

Audit included a complete inspection of the next CT Super Sport airplane which was ready for delivery to UK, a new CT SuperSport with 100hp Rotax, fully equipped with a parachute rescue system, Dynon Skyview 10” MFD screen, Dynon com radio, transponder and intercom weighing in at 285kg.

“Nice to see that despite all the movement to the 600kg Ultralight class in Europe, Flight Design is still taking care for the empty weight sensitive Ultralight markets”, stated Gary Masters.

Daniel Günther from Flight Design added: “Actually the Super Sport airframe is 600kg capable and even considering the add on weight for the bigger aircraft emergency parachute we are able to make a 600kg Ultralight which has more payload than it’s empty weight!”