The TASE Series

• Includes inertial sensors & GPS receiver for stand-alone operation.
• All gimbals provide 2-axis inertial stabilization.
• ViewPoint control application provides full-featured gimbal control, video display/recording, and moving-map interface.
• Advanced features include geo-pointing, object tracking, scene tracking and steering, real time mosaicing and simulation/training interfaces.
• Common software for all gimbal options with joystick, keyboard, or touch-screen control.
• Terrain aware geo-location of image center

 The OTUS-L170

Gyro stabilised dual sensor gimbal provides outstanding performance in one of the most lightweight systems.
• One of the smallest gimbals on the market
• All electronics embedded inside the unit
• Outstanding stability thanks to high bandwidth direct drive torque motors
• Complete 3 dimensional IMU mounted on the optical bench
• Built-in laser range finder for geo-location and geo positioning
• Optional digital video interface
• Optional fully integrate video  auto-tracker
• Computational capacity for optional vehicle navigation and control

Optional gimbal integrated features:

• Custom designed camera house
• Geo-positioning
• Geo-location
• Video auto-tracker
• Digital video interface
• Extended range fi nder range
• Vehicle navigation and control