The Flight Design MC

Genuine Metal Concept –  Passion for Flight


The MC (Metal Concept) is the exciting new aircraft from Flight Design. Made for people who love flying and need true utility in their aircraft, the MC was created using aluminum, steel and composites for the most attractive, rugged and efficient airframe possible.

The MC is designed specially for the Light Sport Aircraft category and was designed using state of the art engineering design programs and some new ideas to make a metal airplane that is first rate in cabin comfort, ease of flight and performance.

The MC is the alternative for the pilot who wants to own a metal aircraft but wants a truly giant cabin and the excellent visibility that has made the CT line of aircraft famous. Flight Design has done intensive customer research at leading air shows internationally. Based on those results Flight Design decided to complete its LSA range of products with an outstanding metal airplane for use by both private owners and flight schools.

Flight Design is committed to be the leader in progressive design concepts and safety improvements. Using FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to further refine the structural design of the MC, Flight Design has again moved forward in the use of modern engineering tools for improving design principles for light aircraft.  The Flight Design development team has worked for more than 36 months on development of the MC. Next generation computer flight test systems were used to develop the flight dynamics in the same way than it was used on the best selling CTLS.

The visibility and comfort of the MC makes all your flights more enjoyable and a better environment for learning how to fly. The MC is equipped with the new composite landing gear design of the CTLS to help make all of your landings, happy ones. All Flight Design aircraft are designed around the special demands of flight schools and clubs as well as private owners. The way to get more young people interested in flying and your school in particular is to offer striking new aircraft with advanced avionics. Many established pilots are also looking for new, more affordable challenges as well.

A modern aircraft should have all the safety improvements available for protecting the pilot and passenger. The MC has a welded steel safety cage with CAD design crumple zones to keep the cabin intact, four point pilot harnesses and standard parachute system. Wing located fuel tanks are an important addition to the list of safety features on the MC. The FD single fuel lever fuel system is used on the MC to reduce pilot fuel management incidents.

The MC is being introduced having already achieved the Special Light Sport Aircraft FAA airworthiness certificate. 

If you have a passion for flight try the MC and enjoy the high cruise speed, low stall speed, and the giant cabin of the MC.