Wildau, GERMANY / 21 July 2016  — After a challenging first few months of 2016, things are looking up at Flight Design GmbH, the manufacturer of the popular CT series of light aircraft. After seeking and gaining acceptance of voluntary insolvency, the company has worked with dealers and suppliers to reorganize and continue producing aircraft at their facilities in Ukraine and Germany.

The most important news for existing owners of Flight Design aircraft was the immediate investment into ensuring the continuation of safety-related fleet surveillance. This is a key component of Continued Operational Safety Monitoring (COSM), which is of primary importance to EASA, the FAA and aviation regulators worldwide.

“I am satisfied to see how engaged the Flight Design Team is in serving the existing customers and continuing to support the brand. That positive attitude has also helped to attract interest of new investors,” said Mr. Knut Rebholz, the appointed receiver of Flight Design GmbH.

In parallel, the Flight Design GmbH engineering staff has, along with ongoing contracted development work, focused on continuation of all current approvals and completed an EASA audit at the German company’s production facilities the third week of July.

Newly manufactured metal and composite spare parts are being shipped to customers as a result of successful negotiations with the company’s major supplier network. Several aircraft that were in the process of manufacture are now nearing completion and approval for delivery to their respective customers.

The most important and hopeful news is after successful negotiations with major dealers, the first new aircraft orders since the insolvency declaration have been received and are now in the process of being produced, which is good news for suppliers, employees and supporters of Flight Design.

“We are very pleased to see things moving again,” said Daniel Gunther, COO of Flight Design GmbH. “It shows good faith by our dealers and suppliers to help us now when we really need it.  We have received a lot of support from our employees as well. We look forward to delivering these new orders and going forward from there,” added Gunther.

While all of this goes on, promising negotiations with potential investors are currently in process. As a well-known brand in light aviation worldwide, Flight Design is a prime opportunity for investment to continue the production of their advanced line of CT series aircraft and continue development of the state of the art C4, a 4-place general aviation aircraft.


Flight Design is a 29-year-old manufacturer based in Germany. The company remains the worldwide Light-Sport Aircraft market leader thanks to its popular CT series of aircraft. Nearly 2,000 of these aircraft are flying in 39 countries. One of the first aircraft certified under ASTM International standards in 2005, the CT (“composite technology”) boasts the largest fleet of LSA in America after ten years. Flight Design sold the first LSA to India and was the first LSA to earn Chinese Type Design Approval. Three times a CT has been flown around the world. In 2011, the German company unveiled its C4 four seat aircraft based on the CT technology.

FLIGHT DESIGN CONTACT:  info@flightdesign.com


Lawyer Knut Rebholz is a partner of the law firm Mönning & Partner, acting all over Germany at eleven offices in Aachen, Berlin, Cottbus, Dortmund, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Gifhorn, Hagen, Hamburg, Hildesheim and Leipzig. Like his colleagues in the Registry, Rebholz has solid, long-standing and proven in practice experience in restructuring and receivership proceedings of any size.

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